Cultural Immersion: The Benefits of Traveling

Flight to MoscowTraveling across the world to a foreign land can be extremely intimidating. First there is the language barrier. This is an obvious obstacle, but then there are the hidden cultural obstacles. People do not act entirely the same everywhere. Imagine how maybe even a smile can be misinterpreted in some cultures. It is a simple fact that people act differently in different parts of the world. What people deem acceptable varies. Just approaching a shop and purchasing a bottle of water can be a stressful experience.

All this being said, every person in the world must travel and experience different cultures through full immersion! Travelling will build a stronger character and shape a better understanding of humanity. It will make you a stronger person by pushing your boundaries of comfort. You will learn that people live in different ways and that the lifestyles of your own culture are a small spectrum of humanities different lifestyles.

You will learn how to communicate in different ways and will meet interesting people while doing so. You are bound to meet interesting people who will act as unofficial ambassadors. This is by far the best part. In doing so, you will realize that when you peel back the layers of culture, people are inherently the same. You will see that there are happy and unhappy people no matter their social class or living condition.

Finally, even if you are not happy with the experience then you will learn to appreciate your own culture that much more when you come back home. It’s definitely a growing experience.

July Book of the Month

We decided to start a book of the month. The books will come from a list which is voted on by our team here at BetterMe. These books will focus on productivity, business, or just simply influential books.

The July book of the month is, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.


Some concepts from this book have been covered on our blog, but trust us when we say, we don’t do it justice. This is a great read with concrete take-aways to immediately start practicing new ways of thinking and doing.