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4 Areas for Personal Growth

Sometimes it’s best to take a step back and look at things from a bird’s eye point of view. From this distance it’s easy to draw lines in the sand to define basic concepts without having to blur lines.

Many spiritualists, scientists and philosophers have done this when analyzing the human being, and the results are fairly similar. Sometimes the number of categories may differ as concepts intersect and lines blur, but the overall vision is always fairly similar. We’d like to go over these concepts as a basic review for self improvement.

Listed below is one of many ways we can generalize the core traits of a human being. Our goal is simply to remind our readers that there are different categories for self improvement without really going into much detail of the “how” or “why.”


imagesSpirituality is the most personal aspect to our lives. Here we ask the hardest questions, evaluate ourselves at the deepest level, and where we keep our hopes and dreams. This is the part of us that thinks about “why,” “how,” and “what” when it comes to life. We are practicing spirituality during prayers, meditation or introspection.  Spirituality is where one builds character.


Molecular ThoughtsThe mental aspect represents the things we learn and how we express ourselves. First we are continuously learning and expressing ourselves throughout the human experience. When we focus our efforts then things learned can become more meaningful. We can find examples this in the arts, athletics, music, and language. The things we learn become a large aspect of our lives. In the end it typically evolves into our hobbies and careers.


Family_Portrait_The social aspect covers all of our relations. Example of this include our family, friends and community relations. The way we mold our relationships, the people we choose to spend time with, and how we treat strangers paint a clear picture of who we are. People strengthen their relationships by spending focused quality time with those they care about, by building deep bonds through shared experiences, and by just plain listening and being there for them without looking for things in return.


physicalTherapyThe physical aspect is simply our body. Our body plays a large role in defining us. It is the vessel in which we do everything else. How well one takes care of their body says a lot about their character. There are three facets to it. What we eat, if or how often we exercise, and then how often we abuse it with drugs and alcohol.

All four of these areas of our lives matter significantly. In our journey through life we make progress in each area at different times. Sometimes we may focus on one area over the others, but eventually a balance may occur where all four areas are paid attention to equally. Hopefully what we discover is that all areas feed into the other. It becomes easier practicing all areas together compared to focusing on one or two aspects exclusively.

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