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Why We Do the Things We Do

To have a dream, a powerful vision of the future, a calling, is everyone’s ideal motivator. How motivating is it to know that today we will have a chance to take one step closer towards our vision. The beauty lies in the fact that every person in the world has some sort of desire, inspiration, vision held deep inside them, and many of us share similar dreams. The question is how strong is our belief?

One of my favorite Ted talks is a Tedx talk by Simon Sinek who is a marketer reevaluating why certain people or companies succeed rather than their rivals.

Though he talks about companies, then inventors, then leaders, this still applies to everyday people. We should all ask these questions and think about why we do the things we do.

Why we do the things that we do?

We have hope because:

  • We believe we can better the world by caring for one person at a time
  • We believe we can better the world by spreading joy through art
  • We believe we can better the world through innovation, invention, businesses or non-profits

We are sad, angry or fearful:

  • We believe we cannot effect the world around us, that circumstances are enough of an excuse for apathy
  • We believe that everyone around us is out to get us by blaming other individuals or groups
  • We believe we are not good enough or strong enough

How we do them?

Hopefully with integrity, focus, and care though sometimes people are careless, sloppy, and rude.

What we do?

We go to school or work, and we build relations. Support causes, culture or the arts.

Tell us your most powerful beliefs.

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