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BetterMe: A 100 Day Review

What an adventure. Such a simple concept yet so much attention! It’s been a little over 100 days, and so we thought it would be fun to go over some usage statistics along with some of our different marketing efforts. Let’s start off with the statistics!


iTunes Connect

According to iTunes Connect, we’ve had 3,200 downloads and we’re on pace to reach 10,000 in a years time. BetterMe has some international fanfare. Check out the breakdown of users per country:

Mexico 480 Brazil 29
Canada 309 Ukraine 29
Japan 166 Colombia 26
Russia 165 Morocco 19
France 159 Turkey 16
Armenia 147 Algeria 16
Australia 139 Peru 15
United Kingdom 127 Chile 14
Spain 71 Qatar 14
China 62 Israel 13
Taiwan 56 United Arab Emirates 10
Germany 52 Tunisia 8
Venezuela 41 South Africa 8
Jordan 36 New Zealand 6

Looks like 2nd most users come from Mexico while 3rd and 4th are in Japan and Russia.

Most downloads occurred on January 29th at 333 downloads. This is solely attributed to the Lifehacker article published that day. You can read the article here:

Website Visits


Surprisingly the most downloaded day does not correlate with the day we had the most traffic to our site. This occurred on April 30th with about 200 visits. Peculiarly we only had 22 downloads that day which is below our average. The majority of the traffic came from Facebook. Again peculiar because this was well above the average and yet we cannot figure out why. Below you can see our Facebook Insights for that day:


As you can see above we posted a link to our blog post on our Facebook page that day. You will also notice in our next graph that we didn’t have a extraordinary day creating Facebook posts through our app.

Facebook Status Updates

Our next statistic is our favorite. This one comes from Facebook and it tells us how many status updates our app has created for users:

Status Updates

On March 16th we had the most status updates created in one day at 37. That means we had 37 separate snoozers that day!


Facebook advertising

Facebook Ads

Facebook has been a great source of on demand downloads. From our analysis the cost per download is around $0.50. I think it helped that our app has a novelty feel and beyond that it was easy writing a catchy ad:

Facebeook Ad Example

The ad was marketed for those on the iOS and strictly from the phone. We did not filter the adds with any other demographics at first, but towards the end we were interested seeing the impact of marketing towards teenagers (inconclusive due to budgeting issues).

We haven’t experimented with maxing out budgets, but it’s good to know that downloads are available if we choose to increase our marketing budget.

Google Advertising

We tried advertising with Google Adwords, but we realized it cost a bit more than Facebook. We focused our campaign to strictly the iOS platform. Here are some of the statistics:

Google Ads

During that time period, we had an average of 37 downloads per day. Our average without advertising at the time period was roughly around 20 downloads per day. So at $20.00 a day, Google Adwords was costing us $1.00 per download.

We tried to see what kind of impact social media would have. There are many promoters on, and after sifting through and weeding out the ones that looked like spammers we went with 2 individuals who would Tweet, blog, and post on Facebook a blurb about our app. Each cost $5 dollars and so we sat back and watched. We had about 151 downloads on that day. I don’t know if all can be attributed to the two fiverr promoters, but they must have had an impact. Here is one of the blog posts:


Our goal is to not to buy a user base. We believe that the app is inherently social and through organic marketing efforts we can grow quite large. Along with this, we believe in slow and steady effort focusing on the future of our brand. We have just begun blogging. Over the past two months we have already seen an increase in organic traffic to our site (too soon to impact app downloads).

We have been on Twitter and Facebook from day one. Our goal is to connect with individuals on a personal level over the social airwaves rather than posting into the void. We have generated deep relations with a small group of fans and we will continue to nurture this fact.  One by one we will continue to push for connections as if it’s a grass roots social media campaign.


It’s been a wonderful learning experience. There are some things we would have done differently from day one. For instance, we should have been collecting emails from the app. Our email list is very small, and this means we have no way of updating our customers! This has already been fixed with version 2.

Also we would have started promoting and blogging even before the app was made. We spent 3 months building the app without ever telling the world about it. There is no need for this and it’s really important to generate some buzz before launching.

We are excited about the next 100 days and hopefully we can write one of these again with larger figures. Wish us luck!

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