BetterMe is an app for people who will try anything to better themselves. The app uses public humiliation to help keep your appointments, to achieve your goals, and to jump out of bed in the mornings. Download BetterMe Today!

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BetterMe for the Android May 19th

It’s official, we will be launching the Android version of BetterMe on May 19th. That is 12 days from now! More impressively the Android version will include 2 new features:


Location Goals

GPS Check-ins: First input your gym, class, or work schedule (address and time). Then the app will use GPS to check if you arrived at your destination on time. If not, then you will be shamed on Facebook!

Goals: Goals are announced on Facebook. It asks your friends to hold you accountable. The app will later ask if you have achieved your goal and if not then you will be shamed on Facebook.

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