BetterMe is an app for people who will try anything to better themselves. The app uses public humiliation to help keep your appointments, to achieve your goals, and to jump out of bed in the mornings. Download BetterMe Today!

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BetterMe Mission Statment

We believe that if we want to become better whether we want to feel better, become more successful however it’s defined, become healthier or wealthier, it is in our control to do so.

This will be achieved by using any tool that can help us. We will challenge ourselves and push ourselves to a higher standard. We will share our dreams and failures with everyone. We will be honest, fair, and sincere with ourselves, our co-workers and anyone we make dealings with.

As we celebrate our successes we will always support yours. We will award our employees and users for reaching their goals through prizes or recognition. Shaming of failures will be lighthearted and fun.

Our goal is to provide knowledge through the spread of educational content. We will hold ourselves to a higher standard in quality of topics and research. We will donate to further research human development and mental health.

Accordingly, it is our wish to provide our users with college scholarships once a year. We will provide growth opportunities to anyone involved in BetterMe by either providing career opportunities or further their education through certification or higher education.

Technology will be central to all progress. We will continue to innovate tools internally along with those for the public. Internal tools of high use will be made available to the public either through sale or open source.

Never forget your community. We will take part in community services chosen by employees. We will support local homeless and mentally ill because a society is best judged by how they treat those who have it worst.

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