BetterMe is an app for people who will try anything to better themselves. The app uses public humiliation to help keep your appointments, to achieve your goals, and to jump out of bed in the mornings. Download BetterMe Today!

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Future of BetterMe

BetterMe started off as an alarm clock and now it’s turned into a productivity app using public humiliation as a motivator to get us places on time and to help achieve our goals.

So you may be wondering what next. First we would like to expand our social media options. We will be integrating Twitter and Google+. Along with this, we would like to allow the user to create a group based on their contact list, and then to use SMS to alert those contacts in the group.

We have been thinking about the use of public humiliation as a means for motivation and we feel that we are missing the exact opposite which could be considered to be a bit more effective. We want to create automatic messages for successful outcomes. That’s right; we want to use positive reinforcement too. I message posted to cheer you on after consecutive achievements in goals, non-snoozes, or appointments.

When we have the tools to track usage per user, this will also mean we can provide graphical reports too. We feel productivity junkies are obsessed with metrics and so wouldn’t it be great to track wake up times, successive days gone without being late, goals met versus missed? We think so.

Some new features we have in mind include habit building with daily, weekly, monthly, yearly reminders. We also want to help users create mission statements. This can be done by parsing roles, and asking the user “how” and “what” they will do to achieve their ideal vision for each role.

So stay tuned and keep supporting BetterMe!

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