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Gain Experiences: Best investment is in yourself

One of the most fascinating things in life is the process of gaining experience. It’s such a simple concept. We are constantly experiencing something through our senses. And no matter what we are doing we really can’t mess it up. Experiences just cannot be wrong or incorrect. We just do them.

Gaining meaningful experiences isn’t all that different. To gain meaningful experiences one has to apply a little more effort. If we are seeking meaningful experiences, we cannot become lazy and enjoy the comforts of complacency. It takes a certain amount of energy to leave the house, to learn new things, to say yes to those around us offering events, dates, or random outings.

The easiest way we can invest in ourselves is to seek out new experiences. Nobody can take it away from us. It will be very unique to us and when we parlay it with other experiences it becomes even more unique. And once we build enough experience, then imagine how this unique set of skills and beliefs can turn into something special. Something that others might pay you for.

At last when we focus our experiences like a magnifying glass on a certain subject over a long period of time, well that’s when we become professionals. Combined with other experiences a focused specialty will always be unique. Think of the lawyer turned into a Hollywood writer.

We will leave you with this awesome quote:


Just do things!

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