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Life Pro Tip: Don’t Think When Hungry

Taking time to think about life and all its glory is essential to our mental health, but don’t do it when you are hungry or cold. It seems obvious, but sometimes we can bare coldness or hunger for long periods of time and during this time most likely our eyebrows are furrowed and we look pained. If we can imagine any decision made at this point will not be a positive one.

Research today suggests that most of our decisions about life are made in the deepest recesses of our brain. Our consciousness does not reside here nor does our faculty for language. If you can imagine then, decisions are processed in a murky, dark place where our consciousness has very little impact. When we do eventually come to think about this decision in our conscious mind, we are merely justifying the choice we have already made.


It is in this deeper area of our brain where our basest emotions originate; emotions, such as love, fear, hunger, and lust. Now imagine when we are cold or hungry. Our brain knows we are uncomfortable and that something needs to be done. Unpleasant feelings are stirred deep down in our brain to get us off our butt.

Sometimes our consciousness can become preoccupied, and most of the time it’s during some sort of introspection. If this is the case then our rational mind will take these feelings and intertwine it with our conscious introspection. Our internal dialogue will unfortunately revolve around our unpleasant feelings laying blame everywhere! It can’t be pleasant.

“Why am I feeling like crap? I really hate work /school / life! I have to do something about it!”

Sometimes you just need to eat or put on a sweater on and you will feel better, and work / school / life will not feel so bad. It sounds silly, but it is guaranteed that someone out there has fallen prey to this before. So remember, eat or stay warm during introspection or we will incorrectly correlate our frustrations with some aspect of our life and then we will think it true.

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