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Limiting Beliefs

Dark_nightWe have all heard these sayings in our youth “Never say never”, “No such thing as can’t”, or “There is nothing you cannot achieve as long as you put your mind to it,” and we understood their meanings just fine. Yet we were we riddled with limiting beliefs. The notion that we can’t have certain things, that we don’t deserve certain things; that we are not beautiful enough, smart enough, tall enough, strong enough, etc.

We are told we have right or left brains, and we buy into this. We are told that people are born with genius or natural talent. We believe certain people are lucky. They have had certain advantages that we never had.

Are these not the excuses for those who do not want to work for what they want?

How much of our lives can we control? Can we control the things that annoy us or frustrate us? Can we break bad habits and learn new ones? If we are slobs can we turn into highly organized people? If we are night owls can we switch our lifestyle to become a morning person?

The answer is yes, and the only way you will know this is to prove it to yourself. The next question is how bad do you want it? If you ask us there are unlimited creative solutions to any problem. Have you overcome a limiting belief?

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